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The food we eat and how the body assimilates that food, shapes our health greatly. Whilst many of us are aware of this it can be confusing and frustrating to know how to do this effectively when you throw in our busy lives, chronic conditions, disease, obesity, mental health, stress and hormone imbalances. 

We are all individuals and what may work for one is not going to work for someone else. I offer an individualised service that is configured to your current health and wellbeing.

My treatment is formulated using holistic, evidence-based nutritional medicine, incorporating what science has to offer along with the principles of holism (looking at the whole individual).


As a qualified clinical nutritionist with a degree in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, I believe that everyone can obtain health and wellness, they just need to know how and my passion is to empower people with the knowledge of how.

Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association 

How I Can Help

Taking a detailed history of your past health, current health, diet and lifestyle, gives me insight into the 'big' picture of your health. With this knowledge I can help guide you to reach your optimal health and wellness. Health is generally not a quick fix and does require commitment to see improvement, but with the right changes, the body's intuitive ability to heal can move along at a steady pace.  If you are ready to start this journey I am ready to guide you through it. 

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I offer flexible consultations making it easier to prioritise health, as it isn't always easy finding time between work, family and other commitments. I offer face to face, online, phone & mobile consultations depending on your circumstances. 

An initial consultation will run for 60 - 90 minutes & follow up consultation are 45 - 60 minutes.

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"Darienne has helped me begin my journey to better eating for my overall health & treatment of hormonal health. Her achievable goals & guidance have been life changing & I couldn't be more grateful, Thank you Darienne"

- Shani 


"I have only had 2 consultations and have been following my treatment plan for 3 weeks and I have more energy and no bloating! I am looking forward to seeing how my health will further improve." 

- Donna

Contact Us / Booking Enquiries

All consultations are currently booked via email or phone, please complete the below contact form or call the below phone number if you would like to book a consultation.

PO Box 96, Aldinga Beach, SA 5173 nutrition@bovell.com  |  Ph: 0402 345 691

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