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To book a consultation please email me at, complete the contact form or call me on 0402 345 691.

Payment for all phone and online consults can be made here 

Initial Consultation


60-90 mins

This is where we talk about you, looking at your current health, eating habits, lifestyle, health history, family medical history and more. This gives me an overall picture of what is influencing your current health, with this information I will formulate an individualised, manageable and practical treatment plan for you.

Consultations are available online, face to face in Adelaide CBD on Tuesdays (Gilles St) (appts. for Gilles St are currently closed) or via mobile service, or phone.

Follow Up Consultation


30-45 mins

Usually conducted 2 to 4 weeks after initial consult. In a follow up consultation, we can look at how you are integrating your treatment plan, how you are feeling, whether adjustments need to be made and discuss the next steps in your treatment as you improve your health and wellbeing. 

Express Consultation



Express consults are for people seeking nutritional advice on one or two acute health concerns such as colds, flus, sore throats, stomach upsets, immune support and energy boost, they are also helpful for quick nutritional advice with regards to food allergies.

You will be provided with guidance on supportive foods and access to practitioner only supplements, including those that are allergen free.

Payment must be provided prior to appointment (and can be made here) Please email me at for available times.

Pathology and Functional Testing 


Sometimes understanding what the body is doing requires testing that can take a closer look at the biochemistry on a cellular level. If this is necessary I will discuss this with you further.

Payment Methods & Policies 

Payment can be made via:



Electronic Transfer

Online Store here

Online / Phone Consults

Payment for online consults to be made prior to consultation, workshops, online programs and supermarket tours to be payed prior to commencement, all other services to be paid on day.


Cancellation Policy 


If appointments need to be changed, please allow at least 24 hrs notice. 

If an appointment is cancelled within 24 hrs of booked time, 50 % of the consultation fee will be charged to you, exceptional circumstances exempted.  Please ask to view full cancellation policy.


Privacy Policy

All personal information is kept secure and not shared with any other sources. The Privacy policy can be emailed to you upon request. 

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