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About Me 

I will keep this short, but give you an idea of where my passion for nutrition, health and wellness stems from.

I am in my fourth decade (so still young, but old enough to have learnt a few things) and a mother of two. My son was born with multiple food allergies and this began my journey of trying to understand why. It also challenged my cooking skills and I now have vast experience of cooking without gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs and sesame seeds and still meeting the nutritional needs of my son, as well as making delicious food. It has been a way of eating that my little family has adapted very well to. My son can now eat eggs and some nuts, which I must admit has made life in the kitchen a little easier. My passion for nutrition was born from my son's allergies and family health and I studied with enthusiasm to graduate with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine.

My background is in Horticulture and I love growing veggies and herbs, gardening is where I spend my down time and the beach is where I re-energise.

I want to share my knowledge and help anyone who is struggling with their health, whether it be advice on how to feed your family or complex chronic conditions, so we can all live well and feel great. 

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