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Allergy friendly, Chocolate treats, indulgent and delicious.

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

My son has multiple anaphylactic food allergies (gluten, dairy, sesame, peanuts and most tree nuts) and it's always been tricky to find an indulgent treat for him. The up side of this is I have had the opportunity to experiment with many recipes, which also means I can reduce the amount of processed ingredients he consumes. Keeping his diet full of whole foods and specific foods to support his immune system and gut health, all of which can impact his food allergies in a beneficial way.

My son used to be anaphylactic to all tree nuts, but he is now ok with almonds, brazil and hazelnuts, which I love! These nuts are all full of beneficial nutrients, such as calcium in almonds, selenium in brazil nuts, vitamin E in hazelnuts. Before he could consume these nuts, I would use sunflower, chia, linseed and pumpkin seeds, plus shredded coconut in recipes that required nuts.

This recipe was inspired by Emma Galloway from My Darling Lemon Thyme.

Recipe - this is a no bake recipe

Nut or Seed Butter - if using store bought, jump ahead.

If you want to have a go at making your own nut or seed butter you will need a high powered blender. The advantage of making your own, is you know exactly what's in it, so this reduces the risk of contamination from nuts and seeds you may be allergic too.

Preheat oven to 130C (265F)

250g your choice of nuts and seeds - I used 125g almond, 80g hazelnut, 45g brazil. If you are using seeds only I suggest 125g sunflower, 80g pumpkin, 45g chia/linseed.

Place all on baking tray in oven and check at 10 minute (seeds 7 mins.) intervals, mixing each time. You want them to get some colour, golden and slightly darker, this is going to help the oils release when you make the butter, reducing the amount of time you need to have it in the blender.

Once they are done, place them in your blender and blitz them, you will have to stop every so often to scrap down the sides. Blend until a smooth paste forms.


20g puffed millet

40g shredded coconut - see note if allergic

60g almond slithers, can be swapped out for other nuts or seeds, just chop them if large.

30g cocoa powder

125g nut butter or seed butter, homemade or store bought

90g honey or maple syrup

60g coconut oil

1tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp sea salt

Chocolate coating:

100g dairy free, dark chocolate, melted

1tbsp coconut oil

Combine millet, coconut, almond slithers and cocoa in large bowl and mix until everything is dusted with cocoa.

In a small pot place nut butter, honey, coconut oil and salt, place over medium heat and bring to simmer. Simmer for around 30 seconds, stirring. Once mixed well, remove from heat and stir in vanilla, then add to dry ingredients and mix, until well combined.

Press into small tin/dish (18x18cm) lined with baking paper, press down firmly until smooth, place in fridge for minimum 2 hours or until firm.

Then cut into small square or bars. Melt chocolate and coconut oil together, then dip or drizzle over the square/bars, allow to set before enjoying. Keep in fridge, I keep these in the freezer and take out 30 mins. before serving, this slows down how fast they disappear!

Note: I have not tested this recipe without shredded coconut, but I think adding an extra 25g of puffed millet would work. You could swap out the coconut oil for pure butter, I have not tried with EVO, I am not sure it would set as well, but please let me know if you try.

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