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It's almost spring soup

This is what the family and I have been living on over this recent cold snap and I know there are still a few more cold times ahead, but you can see the change of season is getting close. Days are getting longer, buds on the stone fruit are starting swell, weeds are everywhere and my pomegranate tree has got its first leaves.

Change of season is also when people tend to get sick. Nutrient deficiencies or excesses are a sure way of putting yourself in the firing line of whatever is doing the rounds in your neighbourhood. Reduce your risk by staying on top of your nutrition.

This soup is a great way to do that, it offers a range of vitamins and minerals, fibre, tastes great and is super simple to make. The ingredients are budget friendly and readily available at this time of year.

NOTE: I chop the garlic at the beginning of preparation, but add it in towards the end of cooking as this is the best way to make all it's wonderful healing properties available to our bodies.

Herb quantities are for fresh, halve if using dried.


1x tbsp EVO

1x brown onion, sliced

1x sprig of rosemary (small), chopped

2x tsp of thyme leaves

2x bay leaves

1x tsp oregano

2x carrots, chopped

1x parsnip (medium), chopped

2x stalks of celery, sliced

2x tbsp tomato paste

2x L of homemade stock or store bought (chicken or veg is best)

1x tsp salt or to taste

1/4x tsp cayenne pepper

1x cup of cooked chickpeas or add a can

6x garlic gloves (or less if desired), finely sliced

1x cup celery leaves (they are full of goodness too)

2x cups of leafy greens, shredded, such as rainbow chard, silverbeet, kale or spinach

2x tbsp flat leaved parsley, chopped

Slice garlic and set aside.

Add EVO to a heavy based pot on low-med heat, add onion and sauté for about 3 mins., then add herbs and continue to sauté for another 5 mins.

Add carrots, parsnips and celery stalks, increase heat slightly, cook with occasional stir until vegetables soften slightly.

Add tomato paste and cook, whilst stirring for 5 mins.

Add stock and bring to the boil, cover, let simmer until vegetables are softened to your liking.

Add chickpeas and garlic, followed by celery leaves and leafy greens, allow to wilt, stir through parsley and serve.

Stay warm x

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