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Anti-inflammatory, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, wholefood muffins

We all need anti-inflammatory foods in our daily food intake, why you ask? because all of us have some degree of inflammation. Inflammation is part of life, it's a normal immune response, however long term or chronic inflammation causes damage. Chronic inflammatory diseases are stimulated by our lifestyles, from our exposure to environmental toxins to our increased levels of stress. Plus poor food choices exacerbate inflammation, focusing on a diet that is full of wholefoods, and avoiding refined foods can greatly help reduce inflammation. Adding anti-inflammatory foods, such as the turmeric found in these muffins can aid in reducing inflammation, these are also gut friendly, immune boosting, gluten and dairy free, both of which are associated with increased inflammation. These also have no sugar, the sweetness comes from the cinnamon, bananas, almonds and berries, your body will thank you for it! Scroll down for reel to see how easy they are to make.

I was inspired by Green Kitchen Stories and have made these muffins similar to one of their recipes, just with my own tweaks and changes.

If you have a powerful blender, I suggest using the whole foods and milling them, this avoids needing to use flours for all ingredients, and if you have food allergies this is a great way to avoid cross contamination. You could swap out almonds for another nut, or sunflower and pumpkin seeds.


110g Buckwheat groats

120g Almonds

45g Chia seeds

45g Tapioca flour

1x tbsp Turmeric, ground

1x tbsp Cinnamon, ground

2x tsp Baking powder

pinch of salt

2x ripe bananas

4x Eggs or add an extra 1x tbsp of chia seed plus 1/4 cup water, if avoiding eggs

35g Coconut oil, if avoiding swap for EVO

60g Extra virgin olive oil (EVO)

60g Coconut yoghurt or swap with you choice of plain yoghurt

100g Frozen organic blueberries, I suggest organic to get the most benefit out of this recipe, as non-organic blueberries are often contaminated with pesticides and herbicides, which all add to inflammation within the body.

Topping - this is optional, it just adds a bit of crunch

25g wheat free, rolled oats, can swap out for sunflower or pumpkin seeds, just increase the weight to about 50g

1x tbsp EVO

1x tsp honey or maple syrup

pinch of salt

Add buckwheat, almonds, chia, tapioca, baking powder, turmeric, cinnamon and salt to food processor/blender and blitz, until milled. I like it milled to a bread crumb texture.

In a seperate bowl, mash the bananas, then add eggs, oils, yoghurt, mix until well incorporated. Then add this to the dry ingredients and mix until just incorporated, then stir through blueberries.

Transfer batter to a 12 muffin capacity tray. Then mix topping ingredients and place a little on each muffin.

Bake at 180C for 25mins or until golden. These freeze well.

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