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Top 10 Allergen Free, Chocolate Tart

This is a delicious, creamy, smooth and chocolatey tart and its no bake!

Here in South Australia avocados are currently cheap and they happen to make a lovely mousse when combined with chocolate. This is easy to make and can be whipped up at short notice, the only catch is the avocados must be perfectly ripe, so not firm and not over ripe, just at that perfect creamy ripeness. I have used the hass variety and the reed both are great, the reed is that little bit creamier. Avocados are powerhouses of nutritional benefits, from good fats to fibre, an avo a day, keeps the doctor away!



220g pitted dates or medjool dates

100g shredded/flaked coconut

50g sunflower seeds or roasted almonds (toasted/roasted nuts or seeds give a deeper flavour, but its still tasty if you don’t)

2x tbsp coconut oil

Place all ingredients in kitchen processor and blitz until it comes together, then press into lined tart or cake tin (15cm or similar), if you have a smaller tin, make the base go up the sides, place in fridge whilst you prepare filling.


360-400g avocado, about 4x medium hass avos or 3x reed avos

100g allergen free dark chocolate

1/2 cup cacao powder

4x tbsp coconut milk or plant based milk

4x tbsp maple syrup

1x tsp vanilla paste

pinch of salt

Melt the chocolate and add to food processor with avocado flesh, cacao powder, milk, syrup, vanilla paste, salt and blitz until silky and smooth, then taste, add more maple syrup if needed, if you feel its not smooth enough add another tbsp milk and blitz again.

Then scoop into base and smooth out, let set for 2-3 hrs, min., in fridge, then decorate with fresh fruit or not, enjoy!

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